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Senior IBM DB2 SME

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 5A1
Posted:Tue, May 14, 2019
Salary:Up to CA$0.0 per hour
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Experis is looking for Senior IBM DB2 SME for one of its Banking /Insurance client for Remote work.

Job title : Senior IBM DB2 SME
Duration: 400 hours (Approx. 3 months)

Worksite: Remote with 25 % travel to Vancouver. Travel cost paid by IBM.

Job Description:
1.1 Scope:
a. Perform Database and Data migration from ISAS (IBM Smart Analytics System) to IIAS (IBM Integrated Analytics System)
(1) Understand the migration requirements and use cases in support of a one-time, point in time, database migration to Db2 Warehouse.
(2) Set up the migration tool and connection to source and target environments as defined in the database migration strategy approach
(3) Move of source schema objects to the Db2 Warehouse environment as-is, including:
(a) Tables,
(b) Views,
(c) Materialized Views,
(d) Sequences,
(e) Stored Procedures,
(f) User-Defined Functions/Types,
(4) Provide script or process to unload/extract source data
(5) Perform test data movement/load
(6) Perform final data movement/load
(7) Deliver a Data Movement/Load Report
1.2 IBM Responsibilities and Project Services:
Activity 1 -Database and Data Migration
In this activity, IBM will perform Services which include the following tasks:
Analysis Phase:
a. Review current technical environment which includes:
(1) Current data architecture
(a) The existence of objects or code that cannot be implemented as an IBM Db2 Warehouse table, view, stored procedures, functions etc.
(b) Decide whether Unique or Primary Key indexes need to be enforced on the IBM Db2 Warehouse database
(c) Determine other table constraints such as Foreign Keys constraints
(2) Current application processes
(3)Existing documentation, including data models
b. Identify source data
(1) Identify the data sources (database(s), multiple schemas)
(2) Determine table object count and physical size
(3) Determine other database-resident objects to migrate
(4) Determine data extraction options
(5) Create a list of database objects to migrate
c. Review the following:
(1) Database code page when not Unicode (Code page 1208)
(2) Database code set when not UTF-8 (Unicode Transformation Format 8)
d. Review application processing requirements and obtain representative queries for ETLs (Extracts, Transforms, Loads) and Reports
e. Review user acceptance criteria
Deliverable Materials:
● Migration Assessment Report
Design Phase
In this activity, IBM will perform Services which include the following tasks:
a. Define strategy for data movement/load to best meet specific requirements
b. Create IBM Db2 Warehouse physical database design (Data Definition Language, a.k.a. DDL)
Deliverable Materials:
● Data Movement/Load Report ‐ describes the target IBM Db2 Warehouse data movement/load approach and Converted DDL file/script
Deploy Phase
In this activity, IBM will perform Services which include the following tasks:
a. Deploy DDL to Db2 Warehouse
b. Develop and test data load process
c. Perform data movement/load
Deliverable Materials:
● Data Movement/Load Report (updated)
1.3 Out of Scope:
1.3.1 The migration of the existing ETL processes.
1.3.2 Changes to the original database design, such as DDL changes to any objects.
1.3.3 External routines (procedures, functions, methods) using non-native SQL features/functions.
1.3.4 Addressing external schema references not being ported to the target environment, or lack of authorization to access protected resources in the target managed environment.
1.3.5 Advanced Workload Manager objects/configuration (only basic configuration is in-scope, to allocate capacity between Production workloads and Analytics Repository workloads)
1.3.6 Synchronizing DDL modifications after the project start to mirror changes made to the system as a result of maintenance, enhancements, etc.
1.3.7 Migration of end-users' applications/scripts.
1.3.8 Installation of the IBM client on end user or application servers, such as end user reporting tools, to reference the new IBM Db2 Warehouse database.
1.3.9 Porting or installation of external tools that allow monitoring, scheduling or other forms of automation tasks
1.3.10 Data replication and tooling
1.3.11 High availability testing, backup, or recovery
1.3.12 Business logic change
1.4 ICBC SOW Obligations:
1.4. ICBC agrees to:
1.4.2 Provide current version of or allow IBM to extract DDL for in-scope database objects from the source system that will be migrated.
1.4.3 Provide access to IBM Db2 Warehouse including appropriate authorization ID for IBM to perform target object creation and data load on your Db2 Warehouse instance and read access to the existing system.
1.4.4 Acknowledge that the duration of the data movement/load project is impacted by the number of objects, the network bandwidth, source system competing workload, and the complexity of the existing system. Variations from the assumptions above may result in additional costs or reduction of the number of objects/data volumes to fit the effort/duration defined in 2.2 Key Assumptions.
1.4.5 Schedule source system outages, if any.
1.4.6 Be responsible for user acceptance testing to validate the content of the migrated data.
1.4.7 Be responsible for ETL jobs functional testing, performance testing and implementation of recommendations (if any) to ETL jobs.
1.4.8 Be responsible for reports conversion, functional testing, performance testing and implementation of recommendations to reports.

Interested can directly email resumes at

Experis is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE/AA)

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