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Go deep inside the fascinating, lucrative, yet somewhat bizarre world of IT. Experis will connect you with job search strategies (spoiler alert: texting during interviews is usually frowned upon), industry insights (sure, you’re smart, but we bet you didn’t know all this stuff), and cool, interactive assessments. It's all here - the secrIT society you've been waiting for..

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Keep Up With The Job Market

Make it a habit to seize every opportunity to "up-skill" or "re-skill” yourself.

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Become a More Creative Thinker

How to break free of old ways of thinking and notice important details others may have missed.

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Job Search Strategies

Keep Your Consulting Gig Short

Repeat business is for suckers, right? What NOT to do if you plan on forging a long-term career.

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#EpicFailing Your Interview

Step one: Steer the conversation away from your accomplishments.

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