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Cogito Business Analyst

Location: Toronto, Ontario M1H 1Y3
Posted:Mon, June 10, 2019
Salary:Up to US$0.0 per hour
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Role: Cogito Business Analyst

Role description :

  • Cogito business analysts (CBAs) implement reporting content and analytics tools.
  • In this centralized staffing model, CBAs work fulltime to meet enduser data needs and report directly to the Cogito Project Manager.
  • Your Epic Cogito implementation team will help you determine the appropriate number and application grouping for your


  • Works with the Cogito project manager, Radar administrator, and Reporting Workbench administrator to
    complete reporting build.
  • Works with the Cogito project manager and business intelligence developer BID to identify appropriate
    solutions for various reporting needs
  • Works with the Reporting Workbench administrator to review and approve existing Reporting Workbench
    templates and create any needed additional templates
  • Works with reporting subject matter experts to identify the needs of report consumers
  • Works with subject matter experts and business intelligence developers to design specifications for custom
    report requests
  • Assists the principal trainer with developing training curriculum and training power reporting users. Refer to
    the EndUser Training for Analytics topic for more information about the role of the principal trainer in
    training report consumers.
  • Facilitation:
  • Identifies subject matter experts to attend reporting content design sessions
  • Facilitates report content design and establishes report scope and prioritization
  • Assists with translation of enduser workflowbased report requests to specific data points required for
    report development
  • Facilitates and maintains the Analytics Catalog
  • Facilitates all extracts


  • Builds Radar dashboards for report consumers with the support of the Radar administrator
  • Builds Reporting Workbench reports, templates, and extracts for the application
  • Develops reports and dashboards to support clinical and revenue initiatives longterm
  • Completes Radar setup for custom SQL metrics


  • Creates data for report testing and ensures that all application dashboards and reports are tested
  • Ensures that consumers are satisfied with reports and distribution tools
  • Performs postlive volume testing and evaluates overall consumer happiness with reports

Key Competencies:

  • Familiarity with Epic reporting tools
  • Familiarity with the Foundation System reports available for the applications they are working with
    Note that no experience with analytics tools such as Clarity is required for this position.

Interested candidates please share your updated resume to



Experis is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE/AA)

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