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So many possibilities.

Finding more satisfying, more challenging, or more rewarding work is possible with Experis. Your career can begin and grow here. We don’t just find jobs. We give you the power to work the way you want, reach for new opportunities and achieve your goals.

After 40-plus years matching professional talent to satisfying career paths, Experis knows that it’s not only what you can do that’s important, but what you want to do. What inspires you. What fits your personal workstyle. And what works with your personal lifestyle. You need options. Experis has them.

We’re in your corner.

You want to work with someone who can guide your career, sell your strengths and find you the opportunities that match your needs. That’s where our highly specialized recruiters come in. They know how to talk your language and translate your value to our clients. Our recruiters work for you.

At Experis, we know that your potential can’t be captured in a resume, job title or job description. With an understanding of your unique talents, experience and interests, our specialized recruiters and job matching process connect you to the right contract positions to accelerate your professional success.

Work on your terms.

Whether you’re looking for a long- or short-term contract assignment, or permanent placement, you can find it with Experis. We have options.

Contract Positions

Contract work through Experis keeps you on the move – through challenging short-term or long-term consulting projects and up the career ladder. Our expansive client network is your connection to some of North America's most admired companies and prime assignments in your field. Apply your skills and expertise … and build your portfolio.

Contract to Permanent Positions

Experis’ contact to permanent career option removes barriers and gets you where you want your career to go. Maybe there’s a specific company you’ve had your eye on. Working with Experis is a great way to propel your name to the top of the hiring list. We leverage extensive client connections to get your foot in the door at a company where a permanent position is a likely fit. Plus, once on assignment, you get first-hand knowledge about working there. That’s the motivation to making choices you can live – and work – with.

Permanent Positions

Experis gets to know you. Your skills. Your experience. Your goals. Then, we accelerate your plan to find a permanent position that lets you soar. We go to great lengths to match you to opportunities that are in sync with your skills, interests, work style and career goals. We tap into our extensive client network, open the right doors, and promote your qualifications. All to make sure you get what you want out of work for the long term.

Grow your career –Training and Development

Where do you want your career to go? We can help you get there. When you work for Experis, you gain access to thousands of training courses and certification prep options through our Training and Development Centre. [] Courses ranging from project management to IT skills, accounting to leadership and more are available as well as prep courses to propel you toward certifications with organizations like Six Sigma, Microsoft, Project Management Institute and others. Free to Experis consultants and employees.