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Sample Interview Questions: Problem Solving

Sample Interview Questions: Problem Solving

Are you an effective problem-solver? Your potential employwer may ask these questions to gauge your ability to work through sticky situations:

  1. How do you resolve conflict? 

  2. What decisions are most difficult for you? 

  3. What decisions have you made that you would do differently today?

  4.  What kinds of decisions or recommendations have you been called on to make? 

  5. Tell me about your most difficult decision. 

  6. How have you improved your decision-making ability over the years? 

  7. What kinds of decisions are easy to make? Which are the most difficult? 

  8. What are some of the things you and your boss disagreed on? 

  9. How would you handle this problem? (after interviewer describes problem) 

  10. How would you structure this job? 

  11. How do you go about making very tough decisions? 

  12. How do you handle conflict with others?