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5 Tips For #EpicFailing Your Job Interview

5 Tips For #EpicFailing Your Job Interview

1. Steer the conversation away from your accomplishments

When the interviewer asks you to expand on the success listed on your resume, the best approach is to shrug your shoulders and say, “No big deal.” It makes you seem humble.

2. Always answer a different question than the one was asked

This is an advanced but effective interviewee technique: When asked a pointed question, respond by brushing aside that question and telling a personal story instead. It’s a power move that HR departments respect.

3. Wing it

Know the minimum amount necessary about the company you’re interviewing with— nothing more than the name and address. That way, when the interviewer reveals interesting information about the company, your surprise will come across as genuine.

4. Politics and religion: your two secret weapon interview topics

Remember, if you get in a tight spot with an interviewer, it’s always a good idea to weave your thoughts on politics and religion into the answer. The angrier the better.

5. Drop in and out of a non-specific accent

Everybody loves a funny co--‐worker, so a good interview trick is to answer some (but not all) questions in a non--‐specific foreign accent. Think Borat, but dial it up a little bit.