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Keep Your Consulting Gig Short and Sweet

Keep Your Consulting Gig Short and Sweet

In the fast-paced world of consulting, it’s best to not get too attached to clients. Since there’s always a line of companies and individuals pounding on your door to pay you ever-increasing fees, it’s best to make sure your gigs are efficient and impersonal. Repeat business is for suckers.

Here are some tips for not getting too attached to your temporary co-workers:

Do not smile.

A smile is your body’s way of inviting another person to speak with you. You’re here to work, not talk.

Condition your mind to not remember names.

If you accidentally do remember a co-worker’s name, go ahead and use a different one. Better yet, call everybody “Steven,” man or woman.

Don’t waste time with personal hygiene.

You’re never going to see these people again, so you might as well spend your showering time on something more productive, like video games or ninja training.

Eat smelly food at your desk.

By lunching on a delicious garlic-laden pasta or sub sandwich with extra onions you can succeed at making sure no one is stopping by your desk for some friendly chit-chat.

Take these tips to heart and you’ll be out the door with a paycheck in hand and not a tear drop in sight. Later!